Low Tide, Stocking Is., Exuma
20 x 15 (in)

Standing atop one of the twelve foot corals that segment Stocking Islands 4 mile beach, shows a view that is unquestionably distinctive only to Exuma.  Pristine white sand softly morphs into crystal clear turquoise water with unimaginable clarity.  My painting "Low Tide" captures the breathtaking beauty that surrounds the Exuma Islands, while revealing the surreal mystical atmosphere that's present when land, sea & sky interlock.  Exuma is a special place where nature is in magical harmony with all the elements, and proof that paradise does exist.


Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Image Gala CANVAS with 1.5" Depth
Luster Non-Tear Photo Paper 10 Pt
Silver Metallic Non-Tear Paper 10 Pt

$52.55 ( $52.55 per )