Straw Market, GeorgeTown, Exuma
21 x 14 (in)

Gone but not forgotten.  My painting is a tribute to an unmistakable landmark shaded by a 200 year old tree.  It's a tribute to the ladies of the straw market that have become our friends, and to all the familiar smiles that made it a special place.  It was a landmark draped in the islands beauty, showing its history, culture, and amazing local talent.

Thank you Deary, Edwena, Arizona, Naomi, Yvonne, & Elsie.

Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Image Gala CANVAS with 1.5" Depth
Luster Non-Tear Photo Paper 10 Pt
Silver Metallic Non-Tear Paper 10 Pt

$52.33 ( $52.33 per )