Buddy Bolden Band
21 x 17.5 (in)

Painted from the only known photograph depicting the musical group, this historic 1905 image is all that remains in visual or sound documentation of the Buddy Bolden Band.  Being the top draw to see in New Orleans at the turn of the century, this rag-time band was a regular gig from 1900-1907 at the famous Funky Butt Dance Hall.  Buddy Bolden (cornet) is regarded as founding source for the music called jazz.

My objective for this painting was to enhance the photograph image into a more realistic view of the musicians in the time.  To resurrect their ghostly faint black & white images and bring warmth into each member using color that reflect the era.  It is also my tribute to the roots of jazz, and honor the men that started it all.

James Johnson (bass), Charlie "Buddy" Bolden (cornet), Willie Cornish (valve trombone), William Warner (clarinet), Jefferson "Brock" Mumford (guitar, Frank Lewis (b flat clarinet).

Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Image Gala CANVAS with 1.5" Depth
Luster Non-Tear Photo Paper 10 Pt
Silver Metallic Non-Tear Paper 10 Pt

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