Skip James
21 x 17.5 (in)

Born Nehemiah Curtis James near Bentonia, MS.

I feel my Skip James portrait accentuates the mystery behind all delta bluesmen.  His powerful image and style reveals a lonely rebellious life that stands in stark contrast to the distant cotton fields behind.  The scene lets one absorb the solitude of the land, the atmosphere of the times, and the oppressive path that a drifting bluesman faces in the Delta.

This Skip James painting represented the 2007 Monterey Bay Blues Festival, CA.

Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Image Gala CANVAS with 1.5" Depth
Luster Non-Tear Photo Paper 10 Pt
Silver Metallic Non-Tear Paper 10 Pt

$56.56 ( $56.56 per )