An Evening In New Orleans
21 x 14 (in)

This painting represents the coming together of jazz & the blues. In New Orleans in the 1940’s, the fusion of the two created a unique sound they called Ragtime.  The music was lively & upbeat, its mood expressed celebration and happier times ahead. Posed in a small pub, this scene gave me the accurate portrait to express the music & atmosphere from that era. After hour musicians gather together to drink beer and jam to the beat of the night.  Still drawing in tireless guests, the band plays on unaware of the time and their curious audience.
Louis Armstrong-Trumpet, Kid Ory-Trombone,
Woody Herman-Clarinet, Bud Scott-Guitar,
Zutty Singleton-Drums, Meade Lux Lewis-Piano,
George Red Callender-Bass,
Billie Holiday-Behind Trombone


Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Fine Canvas Rolled Print
Image Gala CANVAS with 1.5" Depth
Luster Non-Tear Photo Paper 10 Pt
Silver Metallic Non-Tear Paper 10 Pt

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